HRC Partners

Ateriax Catering Oy

Ateriax Catering on pääkaupunkiseudulla toimiva catering- ja kahvila-alan yritys. Olemme palvelleet asiakkaitamme vuodesta 2002 lähtien..

Myllypurontie 1, 00920 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: 09 241 5803



Navy Jerry's

Step in to Navy Jerry’s and a whole new world opens up before you, an eclectic blend of pacific kitsch and naval officer’s mess.

Mon-Sat 18.00-04.00, Sun 20.00-04.00

Hietaniemenkatu 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland


Taksi One

Taxi, minibus, coach, airport transfers, all over the capital area and the whole of Finland!

Phone: +358 (0) 50 - 545 54 54

Phone: 0100-84424 (50c/min)



Urheiluteippi provide quality injury treatment and recovery products including ice bags, hot and cold sprays and gel, sports and kinesio tape.

Pakkamestarinkatu 1 H 129, 00520 Helsinki, Finland


Kivun Kauneus

Kivun Kauneus offers a touch of creative madness and upbeat vibes complete with tattoos and piercings, located in Kallio.

Kalliolanrinne 3, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Phone: 044 7060 666


HRC Supporters


Terassi säävarauksella 18.00-02.00, Kaivohuone 22.00-04.00

Iso Puistotie 1, 00140 Helsinki, Finland


Viking Line

Viking Line's seven vessels traffic to Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. The company provides affordable, safe passenger and cargo carrier services, including first-class recreation, good food and attractive shopping.


Omena Hotels

Omena Hotels provides value-for-money accommodation right in the heart of the city. Whether you’re travelling solo or in a group of four, you’re guaranteed a high quality room at the best rate in town. Breakfast can be ordered easily when booking. And there’s free internet access too.


The International English Speakers' Association of Finland ry

IESAF - The International English Speakers' Association of Finland - is a volunteer organization of international people living in and around Finland who communicate in a common language: English. The purpose of the organization is to share different cultures, provide networking opportunities, social contacts and offer information and discussion about everyday life in Finland.


thisisFINLAND forms an attractive window on Finland for everyone interested in our country, its culture and its people. We cover anything related to Finland and Finnish society.


Helsinki Liikuntavirasto / Sports Department

Partner of Helsinki Rugby Club.

Sports Department aims at improving the quality of life and capabilities of the people in Helsinki through sports.



Helsinki Rugby Club uses to keep track of who is IN and OUT for our trainings, matches and social events. Sign up today if you are not already using it!


IRB Rugby Ready

The IRB Rugby Ready programme is intended to raise awareness of good practice and help stakeholders manage the inherent risks of a contact sport by putting appropriate safeguards in place.

The Rugby Ready web site is a powerful online resource that you can register to use for free. You can use the site to build, refresh and test your knowledge of the physical aspects of the Game.


Suomen Rugbyliitto / Finnish Rugby Federation

Partner of Helsinki Rugby Club.

The Finnish Rugby Federation (FRF) is the organization that represents rugby in Finland and in the IRB (The International Rugby Board) as well as in the European Rugby Association FIRA-AER. The FRF was founded in 1968 and its members are the Finnish rugby clubs.