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Ilmainen Alkeiskurssi / Free Beginners Course!

Mar 15

RUGBY : Ilmainen Alkeiskurssi

Kevään alkeiskurssi alkaa Ball Sports Expo jälkeen!
19.-30.3 pääset tutustumaan lajiin kunnolla Helsinki Rugby Clubin maksuttomalla kurssilla!

Kurssi kestää kaksi viikkoa ja treenit ovat keskiviikkoisin ja sunnuntaisin Talin jalkapallohallissa.

  • KE 18.00-19.30
  • SU 17.30-19.00

Alkeiskurssilla on treeniryhmät lajia aloittaville miehille, naisille ja uutuutena myös 16-18v nuorille!
Mukaan tarvitset vain hyvän fiiliksen ja urheiluvaatteet, mikäli kaapista löytyy hammassuojat niin ota mukaan.


Talin Jalkapallohalli
Purotie 8, Helsinki




RUGBY : Free Beginners Course

Beginners course for this spring is starting right after Ball Sports Expo! 19-30th of March you can come and really get a good idea, what rugby in Helsinki Rugby Club is. The course is free of charge!

Course lasts for two weeks and trainings are held in Tali football hall on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  • WED 6pm-7.30pm
  • SUN 5.30pm-7pm

We have training groups for both men and ladies, and now as a new thing for juniors aged 16-18y also. You only need sports gear to come with ,and if you happen to have mouthguard too take it with you.


Talin Jalkapallohalli
Purotie 8, Helsinki



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HRC men at Snow Rugby 2014!

Mar 3



Our first game was against Kuopio – shortly put it was a messy game from us. Very sloppy defence, too many guys in the ruck, no marking. The only thing that worked was our passing. We scored our first try quickly, but because our defence was like Swiss cheese, Kuopio’s big guys run through our defence like nothing, scoring two tries. Kuopio put on pressure during the first half and we were struggling. At the end of the first half we got lucky and equalised 2-2. In the beginning of the second half our passing started to work better and better. We played it wide more often and scored two easy tries. Anyhow it was a sloppy game from us. We won 4-2 with tries from Ofa, Simon, Rory and Mikael.


The second game was against New Age – a team made up of all the young skilled national team guys. Not committing too many guys to rucks, marking your players, tackling, pressure --> go up as one line, two guys chasing kicks. Those were the things we focused on before the game.
New Age, who finally won the whole tournament (winning in the final against Warriors 18-0 - 18 tries, not 18 points!) were the clear favourites. Anyhow we scored the first try in just one minute. For the first four minute we played some awesome rugby! All those things we focused on worked perfectly. Our pressure caused them to make messy passes, and commit knock-ons. Especially Rory’s excellent tackle against Elias Korhonen was awesome (Rory lifted him up and smashed him to the ground). A couple of mistakes from our side caused two tries for them. In the end our very own sprinter Manu got through the New Age defence and ran 30 meters, but sadly Elias caught him 5 meters before the try-line (Bam we need to do something about this!). So the score was 2-1 after the first half. In the second half New Age’s skill level was a bit too much for us and they scored 3 tries. In the end we lost 5-1. When meeting the New Age guys after the tournament all of them said that the hardest game they had was against us. They beat Warriors 18-0, Blizzard Boks 8-0, and every other game by at least 10 tries. I was so proud of the way our guys played!


The third game was against Pori - we won 10-1 and that pretty much says it all. In short our passing, defence, marking and everything worked. Pori had big guys, and Jussi from Turku played in their team. Our tactic was to play wide, not commit guys to rucks. And it worked. The best try was made by Niklas who ran through four Pori guys, three holding him (big guys, all over 100kg) but he still managed to score. Awesome. Just awesome.


The quarter final was against Espoo and Espoo had their finest with them. All were backs except Mehdi and Dimitri. The game started well. We had great pressure on them. Our marking worked and the defence was solid for the first four minutes. We scored the first try (Ofa). Most of the game was played on their half. And then just three meters from their try line, one bad pass, one missed tackle and they run 50 meters to score. After that the game got more even. Just before the whistle, we committed six guys to the ruck on their half and they had a fouron one overlap - easy try for them. In the second half we again started to commit three or four guys to the rucks and that opened our defence and they scored two tries. In the end we vigorously attacked. Unfortunately one of Ofa’s tries was denied, but just before end Joe scored. The best memory form the game was Joe taking the ball in our half with three or four Espoo guys in front of him. He stops (I was thinking what the hell), yells to them "You want the ball, then come and get it!", and then he accelerated, side-stepped two guys before they put him down. The end result was 4-2 to Espoo.


In the end it was good tournament from us - a lot of things worked well. Especially our passing, we didn’t drop many balls. Tackling was getting better and better. Marking and defence worked most of the time. Rucking was so-so, we will have to learn to present the ball quicker, commit fewer guys to the ruck, support needs to be quicker, need to get the ball out quicker from rucks. We made some silly mistakes, but otherwise good stuff.


Player of the tournament: Rory McIntyre


There were no serious injuries to any player – the only injury was our cheerleader, Marsh Norris, who slipped and broke his kneecap!


Marko Sallert


Photos of Snow Rugby 2014


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HRC head to the semi-final on a winning streak!

Sep 19



HRC voittoputkessa semifinaaliin

Miesten SM-sarjan finaalipaikka on pelissä ensi lauantaina, kun Helsinki Rugby Club kohtaa rakkaan naapurin Warriorsin välieräottelussa Myllypurossa.

Runkosarjan lauantaiseen Jyväskylä-voittoon päättänyt HRC on kuumin kolmesta kautta jatkavasta ryhmästä. HRC kärsi sarjakauden ainoan tappionsa Warriorsille kesäkuun alussa, minkä jälkeen joukkue on edennyt häviämättä yli kolme kuukautta. Viisi viimeisintä ottelua on päättynyt voittoon, ja matkan varrella ovat kaatuneet sekä finalisti Tampere RC että välierävastus Warriors.

Viisi viimeisintä mestaruutta rohmunnut Warriors hävisi sarjakautensa lopulla ensin HRC:lle ja sitten päätöspelissään Tampereelle, jolle voitto tiesi suoraa finaalipaikkaa.

"HRC on semifinaalissa kolmatta kertaa neljän viime vuoden aikana, ja käynnissä on yksi seuran parhaista kausista, joten toiveet ovat korkealla. Ottelut ovat olleet tiukkoja läpi koko kauden – etenkin kolmen kärkijoukkueen kesken –, joten välierästä on luvassa jälleen yksi huikea peli!" ennakoi HRC:n puheenjohtaja Tony Brick.

Välieräottelu alkaa Myllypurossa lauantaina kello 15.00 ja joukkue kokoontuu kentän laidalla kaksi tuntia ennen avauspotkua. Facebook

Miesten ja naisten SM-loppuottelut sekä 1. divisioonan loppuottelu pelataan 5.10. Töölön pallokentällä HRC:n järjestämässä finaalitapahtumassa. Facebook



HRC head to the semi-final on a winning streak

Helsinki Rugby Club and Warriors RC lock horns on Saturday in the men's championship semi-final in Myllypuro.

HRC finished the regular season on a high, beating Jyväskylä RC last Saturday, which was HRC's fifth victory in a row. The team has lost only once this season and has gone unbeaten for over three months since the first Warriors meeting in early June. The on-going five game winning streak includes victories over both Warriors and Tampere RC, who go directly into final as the regular season number one.

Warriors RC, reigning champion from the last five seasons, have lost their two latest games, first to HRC and then last weekend to Tampere.

"This will be HRC’s third semi-final appearance in four years and on the back of one of our best seasons ever hopes are high. The matches have been tight all season, especially between the top three teams and the semi-final promises to be another great match!", predicts the club chairman Tony Brick.

Semifinal kicks off at 15.00 next Saturday in Myllypuro. The squad for the day meets at pitchside two hours prior. Facebook

Men's and women's championship finals and the 1st division final are played in Töölön pallokenttä 5th October. HRC organizes the finals event. Facebook


Mika Huopainen



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The HRC calendar is out tomorrow!

Sep 13

Helsinki Rugby Club, Pin-Up Garage and Tahdon2013 made a calendar to honour rugby, equality, human rights and love- on and off the pitch.

Find more information on Facebook

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Helsinki RC take on Jyväskyklä RC this Saturday!

Sep 13

The HRC men face their final test before the semi finals while the ladies will be looking to finish their season on a high!

As always, everyone is welcome and entrance is free!

Find more information on Facebook

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Current championship standings

Aug 19

See the full tables here:
Ladies - click here
Men - click here

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Helsinki RC ladies and men beat Tampere RC!

Aug 17

After the dissapointment of a week earlier the Helsinki RC ladies had a good week at training and were fired up to turn the tables at home and stay in the hunt for a place at the upcoming final's day hosted by Helsinki Rugby Club!

Some early pressure from the home team paid off with captain Ulla Tuomainen crossing the line to give Helsinki a 5-0 lead. A tough match was always on the cards and Tampere fought back and to equalise with a try. After a match and a half of tackles around the neck the Tampere number 8 finally goes to far and five minutes before half time the referee shows a yellow card, sending her off for a well deserved 10 minute break.

In the second half Tampere took the lead 10-5 before Teija Alasalmi burst through for her second try in two games against TRC, taking the score to 10-10 and setting up a dramatic end to the game.

While Sanni was confusing ankles and knees, HRC continued playing a hard game with our forwards knocking the TRC pack back and the backs running some great lines. Mira Saarikoski burst through the TRC defense from fullback to score under the post, and with Zita Floret's conversion the home team had a 17-10 lead with time running out.

A week ago it was a poor second half that saw TRC win, but this time HRC were playing with everything right to the final whistle, not giving TRC a chance inthe dying minutes and although a bonus point try was not to be, a victory for HRC ladies was!

Once again, choosing the player of the day was difficult with every HRC player giving 100%. Teija was always in support, Sonja gave the TRC girls something to think about, Marikki played well, Sanni and Zita combined well in open play, Mira made some great runs and every palyer stayed on the field despite it looking like a battlefield at times, but player of the day was Ulla Tuomainen who had a great game as captain, leading by example, stealing more balls in the match than Richie McCaw does in a season and looking very happy to be back at number 8, so well done Ulla and well done HRC Ladies!


Helsinki RC Ladies team for Helsinki RC vs Tampere RC, August 17, 2013:

  1. Kaisa Mäkeläinen
  2. Teija Alasalmi
  3. Sonja Herrala
  4. Laura Laakso
  5. Marikki Nykänen
  6. Sanni Virtanen
  7. Katariina Tarkiainen
  8. Ulla Tuomainen (c)
  9. Zita Floret
  10. Mia Niemelä
  11. Siri Collins
  12. Vappu Brännare
  13. Beatrice Lindell
  14. Laura Pohjaniemi
  15. Mira Saarikoski
  16. Tytti Jolkkonen



Toisella jalalla semifinaaliin

Helsinki Rugby Club nujersi Tampereen kaimansa niukasti 13-12 (10-0) lauantaina miesten mestaruussarjassa. Sadesäässä Myllypurossa irronnut kauden toinen voitto TRC:stä vie HRC:n erittäin lähelle semifinaalipaikkaa, kun sarjaa on pelaamatta kolme ottelua.

HRC:n ja TRC:n launtainen kohtaaminen oli odotetun fyysinen ja tasainen raskaassa loppukesän sadesäässä. Niskan päällä ensimmäisellä puoliajalla ollut HRC siirtyi jakson puolivälissä johtoon Dmitri Loukianenkon maaliin päättyneen karkumatkan myötä. Lisäpisteet pystypuiden väliin potkaissut Drew Myrie onnistui muutamaa hetkeä myös rangaistuspotkussa, joten HRC pääsi tauolle lupaavassa 10-0-johdossa.

Tampere aloitti toisella jaksolla takaa-ajon, joka poiki sille kaksi tryta ja yhden onnistuneen lisäpisteyrityksen. Ville Siiskosen onnistunut rangaistuspotku vieraiden ensimmäisen maalin jälkeen nosti HRC:n lopulta voittoon jääneelle 13-5-karkumatkalle. Johtoaseman puolustusta vaikeutti eturivin Amaury Garennen vajaat puoli tuntia ennen loppuvihellystä saama punainen kortti.

Mestaruussarja jatkuu HRC:n osalta Turussa elokuun viimeisenä päivänä, jossa tasapeli Eaglesin kanssa varmistaisi sarjassa vähintään kolmannen tilan ja paikan välierään. Mikäli Eagles ei voita viikon loppuna Jyväskylää, on HRC:n paikka jatkopeleissä varma jo ennen Eagles-ottelua.


One Foot in the Semifinal

Helsinki Rugby Club wrestled a 13-12 win over their Tampere rivals on Saturday in a hard fought men's Championship game. This season's second four-point Tampere game sent HRC very close to a top-three finish and a place in the season's semifinal with three games in hand.

HRC and TRC's meeting under rainclouds on Saturday was as physical and as even as was expected. The home team was the opening half's better side and drew the first blood midway as Dmitri Loukianenko broke through for a try between the uprights. Drew Myrie kicked in the following conversion and succeeded in a penalty attempt soon after, which gave HRC a 10-0 half-time lead.

In the second half Tampere started a tenacious pursuit which brought them two tries and a conversion. A penalty goal from the lock Ville Siiskonen after the first Tampere try sent HRC to an eventually decisive 13-5 lead. HRC ended the game with one man short as front rower Amaury Garenne received a red card half an hour before the final whistle. Tampere also lost a man to a red card in a fiery match that left some bruised and scarred faces. The visitors scored and converted near the end to make it 13-12.

The championship continues for HRC on 31st of August in Turku, where a draw against the Eagles would secure a semifinal place. If Eagles do not beat Jyväskylä this coming weekend, HRC's place in top three is secured even before the Turku visit.


Helsinki RC mens team for Helsinki RC vs Tampere RC, August 17, 2013:

  1. Kevin McCarthy
  2. Amaury Garenne
  3. Rich Jones
  4. Ville Siiskonen
  5. Marko Sallert
  6. Dimitri Loukianenko
  7. Christopher Denholm
  8. András Dévényi
  9. Joseph Sampson
  10. Stuart Wells
  11. Joonas Nevakivi
  12. Christopher Boyd
  13. Mika Takala
  14. Anton Nevalainen
  15. Andrew Myrie
  16. Adrian Flanagan
  17. Jarno Warsa-Ritaranta
  18. Niklas Koski
  19. Jonathan Lemmetti
  20. Kristjan Tees
  21. Simon Elliott
  22. Alexandre Chireux

Reporters: Mika Huopainen, Tony Brick



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HRC karvaaseen tasapeliin koiranilmassa

July 7

HRC karvaaseen tasapeliin koiranilmassa

Helsinki Rugby Club jäi lauantaina karvaaseen 10-10-tasapeliin Turku Eaglesin kanssa miesten SM-sarjaottelussa Myllypurossa.

HRC hallitsi sadesäässä sekä ukkosen jyrinässä käytyä ja käsittelyvirheiden täyttämää ottelua kautta linjan, mutta sinnikkäästi puolustanut Eagles kykeni nousemaan pistejakoon toisella puoliajalla. Vaativassa kelissä käyty kamppailu oli vaativa etenkin etupelaajille, jotka suorituivat kunnialla fyysisestä haasteesta.

Altavastaajana koko märän iltapäivän uurastanut Eagles aloitti pisteidenteon siirtymällä rangaistuspotkulla aikaiseen 3-0-johtoon, ennen kuin kentän ylittänyt voimakas ukkoskuuro pakotti tuomarin keskeyttämään pelin vartiksi. Ylimääräisen tauon jälkeen HRC sai entistä tukevamman otteen pelistä, mikä johti Juhani Majasen try'hin, josta seuraneen lisäpisteyrityksen hän myös potkaisi varmasti pystypuiden väliin. Ennen avausmaalia oli HRC saanut pallon tuloksetta kahdesti aivan vieraiden try-linjan tuntumaan.

Tauon jälkeen peli jatkui kotijoukkueen komennossa, mutta hallinta tuotti ainoastaan kolme pistettä Majasen onnistuneen rangaistuspotkun myötä. HRC:n niskaan kumoutui saavillinen jäävettä kymmenisen minuuttia ennen täyttä aikaa, kun Eagles viimeisteli 10-10-tasalukemat tuoneen try'n ottelun ainoasta paikastaan. Muutama epäonnekas liukastuminen keskialueella avasi kunniakujan vieraiden takapelaajalle, joka kiitti ja viimeisteli joukkueelleen arvokkaan maalin.

Kauden ensimmäisen tasapelin myötä HRC jatkaa sarjataulukossa neljäntenä, mutta hyvissä asemissa syksyn jatkopeleihin pääsyä ajatellen.

Kuvat. Mika Sirviö

Seuraavan kerran HRC nähdään tositoimissa ensi lauantaina 13.7. Jyväskylä Rugby Clubin vieraana.


HRC naiset voittaa Turku Swanit 79-5!



Bitter draw for HRC in torrential rain

Helsinki Rugby Club was held to a disapponting 10-10 draw with Turku Eagles in a men's championship game on Saturday in Myllypuro.

HRC controlled the ball overwhelmingly in an error-ridden game wich was played in difficult conditions with pouring rain and thunder, but Eagles with its stubborn defence was able to climb back to a draw on the second half. The wet weather was especially demanding for the forwards, who came through the challenge convincingly.

Eagles, the underdog of the afternoon, opened scoring with a successful penalty attempt before thunder and lightning forced the referee to suspend the game for fifteen minutes. After the extra break HRC took an even stronger hold of the game, which eventually lead to a try from Juhani Majanen which he converted to make the halftime score 7-3. Before the opening try HRC had already threatened the visiting teams tryline twice.

The second half continued from where the first ended with HRC pushing forward and Eagles strong in defence, but the scoreline was changed only with Majanen's penalty, which took HRC to a 10-3 lead. Roughly ten minutes from time Eagles struck like a lightning from their only clear opportunity in 80 minutes. A few midfield slip-ups in defence on slippery ground sent an Eagles back flying toward a converted try and a 10 all draw.

Three games into season Helsinki RC holds fourth place in the table with at least a semifinal spot well in sight.

HRC men’s next Championship match is in Jyväskylä on 13th of July, where the team meets JRC.

Photos. Mika Sirviö


The HRC ladies beat Turku Swans 79-5!



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