Training times

Sunnuntai / Sunday
17.30 to 19.30 pm
Talin jalkapallohalli

Keskiviikko / Wednesday
18.00 to 20.00 pm
Talin jalkapallohalli

Torstai / Thursday
19.30 to 21.30 pm
Töölön pallokenttä

Aloittelijat ja uudet pelaajat aina tervetulleita!
Beginners and new players always welcome!

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Feel free to get in touch with Helsinki Rugby Club - for any reason!

Coming Up @ HRC

May 16

Ladies Friendly: Helsinki RC v Warriors RC

May 16

Men's Friendly: Helsinki RC v Turku Eagles

May 30

Ladies: Tampere RC v Helsinki RC

May 30

1st XV: Linna RC v Helsinki RC

June 6

Ladies: Helsinki RC v Pori Lollers

June 6

1st XV: Helsinki RC v Porvoo OTS

Latest Photos


Aug 17 HRC v TRC

Jul 13 JRC v HRC

Jul 06 HRC v Turku

Jun 14 Midnight Rugby

Jun 08 WRC v HRC

Jun 01 TRC v HRC (men)

May 18 HRC 2nds

May 14 HRC v HRC


Jul 07 HRC v Turku Eagles

Jul 07 HRC Ladies v Pori Lollers

Mar 3 Snow Rugby Ladies

Mar 3 Snow Rugby Men II

Mar 3 Snow Rugby Old Boys


Sep 4 WRC v HRC

Aug 27 Rauma 2nd XV Tournament

Aug 27 Rauma 2nd XV Tournament

Aug 20 HRC v Turku

Aug 20 HRC v Turku

Aug 13 JRC v HRC

Jul 23 HRC v TRC

Jun 11 Finland v Greece

Jun 11 HRC 2nd XV Tournament

May 28 HRC v JRC

May 28 WRC v JRC Ladies

Apr 1 HRC v Barts & the London

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC Ladies

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC I v JRC Old Boys

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC I v Oulu

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC I v Eagles

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC I v JRC Dogs

Feb 26 Snow Rugby HRC I v WRC (Final 6-0)


2010.10.16 Lahti 7s

2010.09.25 Fuusio 1 v JRC

2010.09.22 Metrosport 2010

2010.09.18 Helsinki RC v Tampere RC

2010.09.11 Turku Eagles v Helsinki RC

2010.08.28 Rauma 2nd XV Tournament

2010.08.21 Fuusio 1 v Fuusio 2

2010.08.21 Helsinki RC v Warriors RC

2010.07.31 Lahti 2nd XV Tournament

2010.07.03 Warriors RC v Helsinki RC

Midnight Rugby 2010

Club News

Ilmainen Alkeiskurssi / Free Beginners Course!

November 1

Helsinki Rugby Club järjestää rugbyn alkeiskurssin marraskuussa!
Helsinki Rugby Club is offering a free beginners course in rugby in November!


IRB rugby beginners guide available in Finnish!

Nov 1

We are very happy to be able to offer the IRB Beginners Guide to Rugby in Finnish!


HRC - Finnish Champions!

Sep 27

What a great end to the season - the HRC men take the championship with a 12-5 win over Warriors! HRC ladies finish a great season with silver going down 22-5 to Warriors.


It's finals day!

Sep 27

It's here - finals day! HRC ladies and men are both playing in the finals in Porvoo today, capping off what has been a brilliant season!